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One purpose one passion

… keeping in mind this motto, we started the first steps founding euroSKIES in spring 2017. After defining our aim and concept, testing different software and webservers, we build up a stable network and started into the test phase in 2020.

Why euroSKIES?

Our main purpose is to create a network of aviation enthusiast, different to all others. We support our Pilots with different documents like Standard Operating Procedures, detailed briefing packages and inflight documents. These documents and the high standard benefits by the real aviation connection of our Staff.

Which Simulation Software does euroSKIES support?

Our ACARS, the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System, supports

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X / Steam Edition
  • Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v1 - v5
  • Laminar Research X-PLANE 10 / 11
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Other Flight Simulation Software, like the Infinate Simulator, is supported by our website based reporting system only.

Who are those real aviation Staff members?

These are real Pilots and Flight Instructors, Flight Dispatcher, ATC-Officers, Ground Operation Officers and others.

Do I need any previous experiences? What are my requirements?

No, you don’t need any experiences in real world aviation or flight simulators.
We highly recommend to be experienced with your personal flight simulation software as we aren’t able to give any support for your flight simulators except our euroSKIES content. The software you use MUST be a legal copy!
To register as euroSKIES Pilot, you need to be at least 14 years old (persons younger than 16 years must provide an approval of their legal guardian) and comply to our rules and regulations.

How many flights do I need to stay active?

You must be able to perform at least one flight within 30 days after your last flight to stay active. If you are unable to comply, you can contact us any time to extend the deadline.

What kinds of flight does euroSKIES simulate?

We simulate different kind of flight types, like:

  • Scheduled flights and regional flights
  • Holiday and seasonal charter flights
  • Intercontinental flights

Is an IVAO / VATSIM membership required?

You are not required to be member of one of these networks but we will highly appreciate it if you perform euroSKIES flights within the online networks.

How can I get in touch with euroSKIES member?

As active euroSKIES member, you are able to join our Discord server, different tours, events, group flights and challenges, where you can get in touch with other euroSKIES member and the euroSKIES Staff.

How does your ranking system work?

As we are an entertaining network, we decided to give you the higher ranking by your flight time and average flight performance only.
You do not need to perform trainings or exams to get higher rankings. Only ratings may have special skills required or tasks given, where an extended knowledge may be required to complete it.
You are able to contact our Staff at any time to get some help or read our documentations to reach the required skill level.

How can I start?

Click on Join and fill in the pilot application form.