Our Pilots

Our Awards

The euroSKIES Awards are created to reward our Pilots for:
  • Completing euroSKIES Tours
  • Completing euroSKIES Events
  • Other efforts for euroSKIES
Check out all of our actual awards here

Event Reward Point Award Issued to every Pilot participated in euroSKIES events. The award is given with a strip, which is symbolizing a certain amount of collected Event Reward Points (ERP).
Advent Tour Award 2021 Issued to every Pilot flying the Advent Tour 2021. For participation in the events on IVAO, there is the additional IVAO stamp in bronze, silver or gold.
UN Climate Change Conference 2021 Event In the beginning of November, a trent-setting conference concerning climate change will be hold at Glasgow. We performed a flight from Milan Malpensa (LIMC) to Glasgow (EGPF). This Award is given to everyone participating this event.
Landing Challenge Winner This award is given to the winner of the euroSKIES landing challenge.
IVAO Welcome weekend This Award is given for all pilots participating the euroSKIES IVAO welcome event. It is separated in 3 categories: - bronce for participating 1 event on the event - silver for participating 2 events - gold for participating on all 3 events this weekend
euroSKIES Heavy Weather This Award is given by the Flight Operations Department for perfoming a save flight (about 75% score) during an Event with heavy weather conditions. Heavy Weather is defined as a weather situation near or at the operational minima of the aerodrome and hard winds leading in a demanding aircraft handling.
Corona Crisis Tour Award This Award is given for completion of the Corona Crisis Tour.
euroSKIES Wings The euroSKIES Wings are given to Pilots sharing the euroSKIES Spirit OR to active Pilots which flew more than 500 hours for euroSKIES and under euroSKIES Callsign and participated at least 10 Events or 5 tours.