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How to experience realistic flight simulation with euroSKIES

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euroSKIS A320 experience parking in stormy weather

virtual Operations Manual

Part II – Operations

Flight Numbers

All flight numbers are defined under the “ES” IATA code. It is important to note that the flight number ranges specified by the Operations Department should be used.

Charter Flights

All charter flights, those not defined by euroSKIES in tours, events, or flight schedules, are to be used as follows:


The ES8 prefix is to be followed by a 3-digit combination chosen freely by the pilot.


Callsigns are freely chosen by the pilot and must meet the following requirements:


The ESK prefix is to be followed by a freely chosen alphanumeric combination of up to 4 characters.

Our virtual Operations Manual forms the backbone of our airline and is based on the proven concept of Operations Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures of a real airline. However, it is essential to emphasize that at euroSKIES, we do not want to impose rigid restrictions. Our goal is to establish standards that allow every pilot the freedom to explore and personalize a new world of simulation.

The Operations Manual serves as a comprehensive guide and source of information for our members. It contains detailed instructions on procedures, workflows, and safety standards that closely mimic real aviation regulations. It enables our pilots to make their flight experience as realistic as possible while fully enjoying the exciting world of flight simulation.

However, our standards are not meant as limitations but rather as a foundation for shared understanding and smooth operation of our virtual airline. We encourage our members to contribute their experiences and expertise to continuously improve and adapt the Operations Manual to the needs of our community.

Flexibility and individuality are at the forefront of euroSKIES. Our Operations Manual provides a solid foundation, but it is not a rigid set of rules. Instead, it creates a framework within which each pilot can chart their own course. Whether you’re interested in scheduled flights, cargo transport, or military operations, the Operations Manual provides you with guidelines to tailor your flight experiences according to your preferences.

euroSKIES Airbus 320 in fair weather taxiing during sunset experience


In addition to the option of flying freely, euroSKIES also offers the exciting opportunity to complete flights from our extensive flight schedule system. We place great emphasis on creating a realistic aviation experience. For this reason, we have implemented a qualification system that is modeled after the standards of real aviation.

One example:

To perform certain flights under CAT III conditions, an LVO (Low Visibility Operations) qualification is required. This qualification can be obtained by completing a specific qualification course. The course can be taken independently and includes a series of tasks that must be fulfilled. Examples of such tasks could include a successful “Autoland” landing and a safe “Go-Around” in minimal visibility conditions.

Safety is of utmost importance to us, and we ensure that pilots who wish to perform flights under challenging conditions have the necessary skills and knowledge. Therefore, flights under low visibility conditions will only be recognized if the corresponding LVO qualification has been demonstrated. This ensures a high level of realism and an authentic simulation of aviation.

Our qualification system offers an exciting challenge for pilots who want to expand their skills and take on new flying tasks. It promotes learning and development within our virtual airline.

At euroSKIES, it’s not just about flying virtually; it’s about creating an authentic flight experience. Through our qualification system, we ensure that our pilots have the necessary competencies to master the challenges of aviation. Be part of our airline, enhance your skills, and explore the fascinating world of flying!

  • Airports of Category B and C
  • Minimum visibility conditions
  • ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards)
  • NAT-HLA (North Atlantic High Level Airspace)

One Example

  • Aircraft qualification (for an aircraft that is ETOPS certified)
  • IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) qualification
  • CAT B airport qualification
euroSKIES Airbus A320 cruising in blue skies

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