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Close-up view of Fenix A320 euroSKIES virtual airline from the wingtip, with the aircraft and a sunset in the background.

Rules and Regulations

1 General Statement


The euroSKIES virtual airline simulates a virtual Operations Manual system. The euroSKIES Rules and Regulations are part of the virtual Operations Manual Part I, chapter 1 “General”.

For further information, please refer to our virtual Operations Manual Part I.


In our network, we refer to all individuals as “he,” regardless of their gender. This is not a gender norm, but a choice we have made to simplify the readability of our text and avoid unnecessary repetitions. We want to emphasize that we welcome every person, regardless of their gender, and do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on gender. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding this decision and encourage you to bring to our attention any instances where our choice of words may be unclear or offensive.

2 Purpose


3 Terms of use

3.1 General

The use of euroSKIES is free of charge.

The use of euroSKIES requires the user to accept and adhere to the rules & regulations, terms of use, and privacy policy. These are published on the website and in the documentation, accessible to every user.

euroSKIES reserves the right to exclude users without prior notice if they violate the rules and regulations, engage in abusive behavior, or jeopardize the networks, systems, or documents, gain unauthorized access, manipulate, disseminate, or alter them.

The staff has the authority to issue directives to users.

There is no legal entitlement to membership.

We reserve the right to contact users regarding their membership at any time.

By registering, you consent to receive our newsletter containing information from and about euroSKIES. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter, please contact or unsubscribe from the newsletter.

3.2 Account

A one-time registration with euroSKIES using a complete and authentic name entitles the user to use euroSKIES, provided the user is at least 16 years old at the time of registration.

Users between the ages of 14 and 16 may register an account with the consent of their legal guardians. During the registration process, euroSKIES may request appropriate proof.

By registering, providing a valid email address, and confirming the consent of legal guardians (if required), it is deemed sufficient to enable the use of euroSKIES.

euroSKIES reserves the right to verify accounts at any time if there are doubts about the user’s usage or identity.

Users are required to keep their user accounts up to date.

Registering multiple accounts is prohibited.

3.3 Activity

Active users may be deactivated, suspended, or removed.

An active user is anyone who has completed at least one flight from our flight schedule or the tour and event system within 30 days.

Inactive user accounts will be removed after 3 months of inactivity.

After initial registration, the account will be removed after 3 months if no activity is recorded.

It is possible to perform flights independently of the flight schedule or the tour/event module. However, these will not be recognized for maintaining account activity.

Reactivation or extension of the removal period can be requested at any time via

4. Rules

4.1 Definitions


A status in the staff with partial or full control over the server and system, as well as associated functions.

Admin Comment

An entry in the user account that is only visible to the administrator and responsible staff.


A badge awarded by the flight operation or management for outstanding achievements. These can include completing a tour or earning a rating.


A transfer of the most important content and information on a flight plan or task (e.g. when purchasing a rating) provided by flight operations. This can be created automatically or manually.


A responsible person in the staff who coordinates, manages, and is accountable for defined processes and tasks.


A group within the staff responsible for a specific task.


A leadership role in the staff for a defined area of responsibility, with authority over the subject area and department.


The highest level in the staff, responsible for the complete administration and leadership of euroSKIES.


A user other than staff.


An achieved level as a member, defined by various factors and tasks to fulfill, bringing responsibilities and competencies.


A qualification that must be acquired, confirming specific competencies according to euroSKIES guidelines. It may be a prerequisite for further ratings or rankings or for conducting specific flights.


Voluntary submission of full name, email address, date of birth, and IP. Additional voluntary information can also be provided.


A group of users with voluntary tasks related to the organization and coordination of euroSKIES.


A temporary or permanent exclusion of a user.


Natural or legal person registered with euroSKIES.

User Account

Every user has access to euroSKIES through their user account. Users can make all settings for using euroSKIES through their user account. Certain data is made visible to others.

4.4 Rules for Staff and Management

Suspension and Sanctions


The Human Resources Manager is responsible for deciding on suspension and sanctions.

In case of repeated violations, higher levels of suspension and sanctions can be determined on an individual basis.



non-compliance to rules and regulations

aggressive or abusive behavior

criminal acts

sexual harassment

unauthorized distribution of the documentation and content to third parties


30 days

30 days

life & criminal charges

1 year & Account reset *

1 year & Account reset *

* Depending on the severity, the Staff will decide on whether to file a criminal complaint.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1 Changes

6.2 Misstakes

We are a non-profit organization and constantly strive to improve the user experience. However, if you notice any errors, we kindly ask you to inform us directly. Through close cooperation, we can ensure that everything runs smoothly together. We also request that you avoid expensive legal proceedings and instead contact us directly to find a quick and effective solution.


We are a virtual airline for flight simulation purposes. It is not possible to purchase flight tickets with us, and we have no connections or affiliations with real airlines. Any similarities to existing airlines are purely coincidental and unintentional.