euroSKIES Advent Tour & Events [EN]

posted by Oliver Matthis on 2021-11-29

Dear euroSKIES members,
Today I would like to introduce you to our Advent Tour and the events that go along with it.

Starting on December 1, a leg will be published every day in the Advent Tour, which will include typical Christmas and winter destinations in addition to standard ESK destinations. So there are 24 exciting destinations waiting to be discovered by you. You can find more detailed information about the tour schedule and rules on our tour page ( The successful completion of the tour will be awarded with a unique Advent Tour Award.

There will also be 3 events during the tour. By participating in these events you will have the opportunity to get a bronze, silver or gold stamp on your Advent Tour Award, depending on how many events you participate in. More information about the Adventstour events can be found on our events page (

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on the tour and at the events!

Vincent Döhnert