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TOLISSA346_V1P0 A340-600_AIR_BELGIUM-00-ABA_V1.0.0
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Skill Analysis (89%)

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Take-off/Landing Analysis (Landing Rate -213fpm)

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Flight Log

[18:31:24utc] You have successfully logged in Vincent D?hnert.
[18:31:30utc] Your flight to LDDU has now been started.
[18:31:31utc] Aircraft boarding in progress
[19:11:42utc] Starting engine(s)
[19:12:23utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED
[19:13:21utc] Detected aircraft taxiing
[19:14:46utc] Landing lights ON
[19:19:27utc] Detected take-off roll, WIND 039/1kt
[19:19:48utc] Departing LGKR, IAS 166kt, G-force 1.16g, pitch -6.81deg, bank 0.24deg, VS 419fpm, HDG 349deg
[19:19:53utc] Gear UP, IAS 178kt, GS 179kt, ALT 160ft
[19:20:08utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 179kt, GS 181kt, VS 4166fpm, ALT 1200ft, PITCH -15.14deg, HDG 350deg, TAT 11deg, WIND 043/2kt
[19:22:51utc] Spoilers RETRACTED , IAS 251kt, ALT 9610ft
[19:30:31utc] Aircraft at 29650ft, IAS 307kt, GS 496kt, HDG 317deg, TAT -45deg, WIND 080/37kt
[19:32:04utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 310kt, GS 498kt, VS 113fpm, ALT 29690ft, PITCH -1.45deg, HDG 317deg, TAT -45deg, WIND 078/34kt
[19:33:14utc] Aircraft at 29810ft, IAS 310kt, GS 476kt, HDG 317deg, TAT -45deg, WIND 043/24kt
[19:38:09utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 29720ft, IAS 307kt, GS 457kt, HDG 008deg, VS -1314fpm, TAT -45deg, WIND 035/20kt
[19:39:55utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED, IAS 320kt, ALT 24380ft
[19:42:04utc] Spoilers RETRACTED , IAS 249kt, ALT 19280ft
[19:54:37utc] Aircraft at 4050ft, IAS 221kt, GS 214kt, HDG 357deg, TAT 1deg, WIND 045/32kt
[19:55:02utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 4040ft, IAS 205kt, GS 216kt, HDG 358deg, VS -118fpm, TAT 1deg, WIND 079/34kt
[19:56:02utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 210kt, GS 192kt, VS 90fpm, ALT 4020ft, PITCH -4.56deg, HDG 049deg, TAT 1deg, WIND 074/35kt
[19:56:21utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 4020ft, IAS 185kt, GS 175kt, HDG 094deg, VS -171fpm, TAT 1deg, WIND 045/34kt
[19:56:34utc] Aircraft at 4040ft, IAS 187kt, GS 194kt, HDG 129deg, TAT 1deg, WIND 050/34kt
[19:56:36utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 192kt, GS 196kt, VS 106fpm, ALT 4050ft, PITCH -2.96deg, HDG 133deg, TAT 1deg, WIND 056/34kt
[19:56:46utc] Aircraft at 4070ft, IAS 181kt, GS 196kt, HDG 143deg, TAT 1deg, WIND 041/34kt
[19:57:03utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 3650ft, IAS 177kt, GS 202kt, HDG 147deg, VS -2086fpm, TAT 2deg, WIND 033/35kt
[19:58:00utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 153kt, GS 165kt, VS 129fpm, ALT 3250ft, PITCH -6.16deg, HDG 146deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 053/34kt
[19:58:22utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 3260ft, IAS 158kt, GS 165kt, HDG 145deg, VS -135fpm, TAT 3deg, WIND 065/34kt
[19:58:39utc] Aircraft at 3230ft, IAS 148kt, GS 167kt, HDG 145deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 039/34kt
[19:58:53utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 187kt, GS 198kt, VS 216fpm, ALT 3300ft, PITCH -1.16deg, HDG 145deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 057/33kt
[19:59:30utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 3250ft, IAS 183kt, GS 161kt, HDG 091deg, VS -89fpm, TAT 3deg, WIND 059/34kt
[19:59:50utc] Aircraft at 3250ft, IAS 187kt, GS 161kt, HDG 094deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 105/34kt
[20:00:29utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 190kt, GS 165kt, VS 85fpm, ALT 3250ft, PITCH -1.43deg, HDG 079deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 090/35kt
[20:00:39utc] Aircraft at 3250ft, IAS 191kt, GS 165kt, HDG 077deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 090/35kt
[20:01:16utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 192kt, GS 167kt, VS 131fpm, ALT 3240ft, PITCH -1.51deg, HDG 074deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 094/34kt
[20:01:54utc] Aircraft at 3250ft, IAS 191kt, GS 165kt, HDG 067deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 083/34kt
[20:03:10utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 191kt, GS 177kt, VS 148fpm, ALT 3250ft, PITCH -1.89deg, HDG 344deg, TAT 4deg, WIND 006/23kt
[20:03:22utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 3230ft, IAS 178kt, GS 167kt, HDG 331deg, VS -239fpm, TAT 4deg, WIND 012/22kt
[20:03:37utc] Aircraft at 3230ft, IAS 156kt, GS 150kt, HDG 322deg, TAT 4deg, WIND 007/22kt
[20:03:44utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 157kt, GS 150kt, VS 136fpm, ALT 3240ft, PITCH -5.66deg, HDG 324deg, TAT 4deg, WIND 011/22kt
[20:04:00utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 3130ft, IAS 157kt, GS 152kt, HDG 326deg, VS -995fpm, TAT 3deg, WIND 025/25kt
[20:04:06utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 151kt, GS 154kt, ALT 2970ft
[20:05:17utc] Spoilers DEPLOYED, IAS 149kt, ALT 1810ft
[20:05:34utc] On approach, IAS 160, VS -992fpm, ALT 1540ft, pitch -2.01deg, HDG 341deg
[20:06:36utc] Gear UP, IAS 182kt, GS 212kt, ALT 1070ft
[20:06:36utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 182kt, GS 212kt, VS 2104fpm, ALT 1070ft, PITCH -11.89deg, HDG 295deg, TAT 7deg, WIND 059/41kt
[20:08:45utc] Aircraft at 5040ft, IAS 250kt, GS 290kt, HDG 306deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 082/31kt
[20:14:19utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 216kt, GS 202kt, VS 53fpm, ALT 5050ft, PITCH -5.86deg, HDG 044deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 066/32kt
[20:14:32utc] Aircraft at 5050ft, IAS 211kt, GS 210kt, HDG 032deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 089/32kt
[20:16:02utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 5030ft, IAS 210kt, GS 253kt, HDG 184deg, VS -55fpm, TAT -1deg, WIND 032/31kt
[20:16:17utc] Aircraft at 5040ft, IAS 216kt, GS 260kt, HDG 211deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 039/31kt
[20:16:40utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 211kt, GS 255kt, VS 110fpm, ALT 5050ft, PITCH -5.76deg, HDG 260deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 049/31kt
[20:17:02utc] Aircraft at 5050ft, IAS 213kt, GS 259kt, HDG 287deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 089/32kt
[20:18:02utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 224kt, GS 225kt, VS 86fpm, ALT 5040ft, PITCH -5.29deg, HDG 339deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 035/32kt
[20:18:14utc] Aircraft at 5040ft, IAS 209kt, GS 206kt, HDG 003deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 052/32kt
[20:18:35utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 218kt, GS 204kt, VS 62fpm, ALT 5040ft, PITCH -5.55deg, HDG 038deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 049/32kt
[20:18:44utc] Aircraft at 5050ft, IAS 217kt, GS 200kt, HDG 046deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 045/32kt
[20:19:24utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 4970ft, IAS 216kt, GS 202kt, HDG 098deg, VS -715fpm, TAT 0deg, WIND 071/31kt
[20:20:24utc] Aircraft at 4050ft, IAS 221kt, GS 202kt, HDG 099deg, TAT 1deg, WIND 082/32kt
[20:21:00utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 230kt, GS 241kt, VS 209fpm, ALT 4060ft, PITCH -5.99deg, HDG 112deg, TAT 1deg, WIND 036/32kt
[20:21:37utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 4310ft, IAS 245kt, GS 241kt, HDG 114deg, VS -1439fpm, TAT 1deg, WIND 061/32kt
[20:22:50utc] Aircraft at 3010ft, IAS 236kt, GS 218kt, HDG 114deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 081/34kt
[20:23:01utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 2990ft, IAS 214kt, GS 206kt, HDG 110deg, VS -59fpm, TAT 3deg, WIND 053/35kt
[20:23:14utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 210kt, GS 198kt, VS -59fpm, ALT 3000ft, PITCH -5.98deg, HDG 111deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 054/34kt
[20:23:15utc] Aircraft at 3000ft, IAS 208kt, GS 198kt, HDG 110deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 056/34kt
[20:23:17utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 205kt, GS 196kt, ALT 3000ft
[20:23:32utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 2930ft, IAS 185kt, GS 183kt, HDG 108deg, VS -526fpm, TAT 3deg, WIND 036/34kt
[20:27:02utc] Landed at LDDU with a landing rate of -213fpm, touchdown speed 145kt, G-force 1.47g, pitch -4.72deg, bank -1.41deg
[20:27:53utc] Spoilers RETRACTED
[20:28:14utc] Aircraft taxiing to the ramp
[20:29:00utc] Landing lights OFF
[20:32:46utc] Engine(s) shutdown
[20:32:46utc] Aircraft parked

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