Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

1 Mission Statement

The mission of euroSKIES is to provide a free and non – profit virtual airline via the Internet. euroSKIES is an educational and entertaining organization which is free to join to every world citizen. Everyone is welcome if he / she is complying to the Rules & Regulations, the advises of our Staff and the Operational Manuals.

2 Terms of Usage

2.1 General


The usage of euroSKIES is free of charge, if the user accepts and complies with the Rules & Regulations, Terms of Usage and privacy policy, which are published on the Website. If there are any changes to the documents, the User will be informed immediately.


euroSKIES is able to suspend or exclude users, if they do not comply, abuse or violating the Rules & Regulations, spread, unauthorized accessing, tampering, altering, disseminating or jeopardizing the Network, Systems and Documents.


With your registration, you accept our Newsletter to stay informed about euroSKIES. If you do not wish to receive any newsletter, please contact our support team . In this case we will inform you about your personal membership only.

2.2 Account & Inactivity

2.2.1 Account

An one-time registration with euroSKIES, with the full and real name authorizes the usage of euroSKIES, provided that the user is minimal 16 years of age at time of registration.
Users between 14 and 16 years old can register an account provided that their legal guardians have given an agreement for this registration, upon registration the user is asked to confirm this agreement.
For registration, a continuously valid working e-mail address is required.
Accounts may be subject to approval by the euroSKIES Human Resources Department, should doubts about their identity exist. Users are required to keep their account updated, multiple accounts are prohibited.

2.2.2 Account Activity

Accounts will remain active by a minimum of one activity within 90 days. If no activity (flight) is recorded, the account will be suspended. Suspended accounts may be removed 12 months after suspension.
After initial registration, the account will be removed within 6 months, if no activity is recorded.
Active Accounts become inactive or can be removed.
Re-activation or extension of removal deadline can be requested via our support team.

2.2.3 Updating Profile Information

With your Registration, you will keep your Profile information up to date. Changes, like e-mail addresses, will be done asap. euroSKIES may de-activate accounts if the information will not be up to date or if the euroSKIES HQ is in doubt about the information.

3 Rules

3.1 Definitions

Account Profile

The place to find all information about the user.


A status of a given Staff with full controllability of Server and System

Admin Comment

An entry of the Human Resources Department or Administrator into the Account Profile of the User, only visible for the Administrator and responsible Staff.


A group of Staff member responsible for a special task


User, other than Staff or Admin


A definition of skill, knowledge and euroSKIES spirit of the user.


A definition of aviation skill granted within euroSKIES.


Voluntary submission of full name, e-mail address and IP. Also other information like date of birth may be entered, but are not required.


Special Rating of an User having a voluntary task.


A temporary exclusion of a User.


Manager of different Departments.

Team Leader

Manager of a Department or a Team within the Department


Natural or legal Person registered on euroSKIES.

3.2 General Rules


The primary communication language of all membership and flight operations related subjects is English. If it is guaranteed that another language is understood by all persons involved, this may be used.


All users must act concerning the Rules and Regulations and Mission Statement accordingly.
It is not allowed to share any music, films, pictures or pornographic, racist, political or illegal contents, sexual propositions, - behavior and – innuendos.
Offenders may face sanctions up to and including a referral for criminal prosecution. Reasonable attempts for parental notification of minor victims and suspects shall be made.


A friendly and cooperate behavior is expected. The euroSKIES spirit does not include any offense or mobbing. Such a behavior will be punished.

3.3 Simulation Rules


All flights must be flown in real time simulation. While flying online, pause mode of the simulator is not allowed.


Pilot Reports must be sent within 24 hours after the flight was completed. A validation can take up to 7 days.


Users shall have basic aviation knowledge. euroSKIES provides a basic and expanded compendium to refresh and expand the knowledge. The knowledge provided by euroSKIES is intended for flight simulation use only. For real-world operation, please use your documents of your ATO, company and AIP.


Users shall only use approved software.


It is not allowed to share any internal information to third parts without the written permission of the CEO.


With a higher euroSKIES Ranking, the user becomes more and more a contact person to another member. A helpful assistance of members of euroSKIES is implied.


A Ranking / Rating can be given or withdrawn by the staff.


There is no legal right for the membership.


Pilots are allowed to be member in other virtual airlines, but parallel flight reports are prohibited.


Online flights should be done as euroSKIES when operating an euroSKIES flight unless it is approved otherwise by the supervisor operations.


Simulations of Comm-Loss (Squawk 7600) and unlawful interferences (hijack, squawk 7500) are not allowed and will be sanctioned.


Repositioning the aircraft after engine start is not allowed.


No part of our documents may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written consent of the respective Head Quarter member.


Minimum ratings can be required for operation. This Ratings may be Long Range and Airport Ratings (CAT C airports). A complete List is published at OM Part D. If these Ratings are not acquired, flights may be deleted (also with delay).


Non-Compliance with our Simulation Rules may lead to deletion of your flights.


Scheduled Flights should be completed as booked, with the given aircraft and loading. The time schedule is a suggestion only, to improve your experience, but the flight can be flown when ever you want. Your chosen aircraft may differ to another fleet aircraft (if applicable) or with third aircraft (simulated dry lease).

3.4 Staff Specific


The minimum age to become a staff member is 18 years.


Candidates for a Staff position should be at least First Officer ranked. Exceptions can be made to higher or lower ranked. The complete theoretical and / or practical euroSKIES training may be required.


Staff Member shall comply to OM Part A, chapter 2.5 General Staff Rules, a copy can be found below the Rules and Regulations.

4 Regulations

The Regulations are in summary the Operations Manuals, Part A to D and the documents and procedural instructions published.
If in doubt feel free to contact our support team.

5 Suspension and Sanction

The Suspension and Sanction is decided by the Chief Human Resources Officer.

5.1 Suspension Table


1ST TIME 30 days + loosing ranking & ratings (complete fallback)
2ND TIME 90 days + loosing ranking & ratings (complete fallback)
3RD TIME 1 Year

6 Changes and Mistakes


All Changes must be announced immediately, and the right of the user will not be reduced without good reasons.


Because we are a non-profit organization and legal acts are very expensive, we highly ask you to tell us mistakes directly without a warning or right process.

Staff Specific Rules

1 General Staff Rules

The Staff work is volunteer.

1.1 Requirements for Staff Member

All Member of the Head Quarter must be at least 18 years old; every Member of a Department must be at least 16 years old. To become a staff member, if not stated otherwise, a minimum rank of Senior First Officer is required. To become a HQ member, if not stated otherwise, a minimum rank of Captain is required.

1.2 Communication

Valid communication is via e-mail, WhatsApp or Discord. The main communication medium is e-mail!

1.2.1 Language

Valid Communication Languages:
- German
- English
All documents should be written in English only!

1.3 Quorum

To quorum, at least 85% of staff must response to questionnaire via a defined platform. A decision is agreed with a 2/3 (two-third`s) majority.

1.4 Deadlines

The deadlines must be kept, if they are defined. Otherwise, all tasks must be done in a reasonable time. In this case, an expected deadline should be communicated.

1.5 Response time

Every Staff Member must be able to keep the standard response time.

1.5.1 Head Quarter Response time

Every HQ Member must be able to keep a response time of 3 days.

1.5.2 Helpdesk

For the helpdesk, a response time of maximum 72 hours is established. Nevertheless, the Staff Member must response as soon as possible.

1.5.3 vaBase Admin Panel

The response time for the helpdesk should be kept by 24 hours, especially for new member applications and awards.

1.5.4 email response

Every e-mail should be answered, otherwise, the mail is assumed to be ignored.

1.6 Job Opportunities

Every Chief, Supervisor or Team Manager can create position within the department to keep a good workflow. A new position must be explained, including the tasks to the CEO and CHRO.
All applications will be sent to the team manager.
He reports all favorite worker to the CEO and CHRO. The CEO, together with the CHRO, can require an additional interview to ensure the workflow in the staff.

1.7 Absence

1.7.1 Definition of Absence

As absence a period of at least 5 consecutive days is defined, in which a Staff Member is not able to answer his e-mails, WhatsApp or discord or is unable to comply to his duties.
For member of the HQ, the period of absence is defined by a period of at least 3 consecutive days.

1.7.2 Notification

In case of an absence, an information should be given in the following way:
- Staff Member to their Team Leader or Supervisor and the CHRO.
- HQ Member should Inform the CHRO and CEO
- In the case of CHRO, he should Inform the CEO
- In the case of CEO, he should inform the CHRO

If it is not defined in another way, the Staff Member should inform the person concerned via e-mail. Other ways of communication can be defined within the department.
The notification should be given as soon as the time of absence is foreseeable.

1.7.3 Deputy

In case of an absence, a deputy should be nominated. This deputy should be a Staff Member.
The nominated deputy should be included in the notification of absence.
The deputy is responsible for the tasks, given to him.
In the case of absence, the e-mails should be forwarded to the deputy, if the Staff Member is not able to read and forward this e-mail by himself.

2 Decisions

Decisions are separated in major and minor decisions.

2.1 Major decisions

Major decisions are:
- issue which requires a payment
- issue which requires a change in Corporate Design, as published in Corporate Design Document
- issue which requires a change in Head Quarter structure
- issues which requires a change of rules & regulations

2.2 Minor decisions

Unless otherwise stated, all decision not related to major decision can be made in the department without the head quarter.
The result must be validated by CEO and CHRO. Otherwise, the CEO and CHRO must recommend the changes required.
Approved to vote is everyone who is related to the decision in the department.

3 Founder and Owner

Oliver Matthis is owner of euroSKIES. If he loses his rights of CEO or cancel his duty of the CEO, he will remain the owner and will become Chairmen of euroSKIES HQ.
Founder of euroSKIES are:
- Oliver Matthis (ESK100)
- Erik Baumgärtel (ESK101)
- Maurice Werner (ESK102)
- Felix Richter (ESK103)
- Rico Michel (ESK107)

All founder may have the right to be chairmen of the euroSKIES HQ if they lose or cancel their HQ duty.
The chairmen can be requested later (without deadline) after losing or cancellation of the duty.

4 Vote of No Confidence

If a HQ Member will not comply to his duties or will work destructive to euroSKIES or the euroSKIES Staff, a vote of No Confidence must be requested and approved by all remaining HQ and Staff Member.
Every Staff Member must respond to this vote within 7 days and there must be an 85% majority.