Rules and Regulations

1 General declaration


The euroSKIES virtual airline simulates a virtual operations manual system. The euroSKIES rules and regulations are part of the virtual Operations Manual Part I. In order to create a consistent structure, Chapter 1. Record of Revisions and Changes is replaced by this general statement.

For more information, please refer to our virtual Operations Manual Part I.


In our network, we refer to all individuals as "he", regardless of gender. This is not a gender norm, but a choice we have made to simplify the readability of our text and avoid unnecessary repetition. We would like to emphasize that we welcome any person regardless of their gender and will not tolerate any form of discrimination based on gender. We ask for your understanding for this decision and to bring it to our attention if our choice of words should be misleading or offensive.

2 Purpose


The purpose of euroSKIES is to provide a free and non-profit virtual airline over the Internet. euroSKIES is an educational and entertainment organization available to everyone free of charge. Everyone is welcome as long as they abide by the rules and regulations, the directives of our staff, and the virtual operations manuals.

euroSKIES is a pure virtual airline for flight simulation.

3 Terms of use

3.1 General

The use of euroSKIES is free of charge.

The use of euroSKIES implies that the user accepts and complies with the Rules & Regulations, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These are published on the website and in the documentation and can be viewed by any user.

euroSKIES reserves the right to exclude users without warning if they violate the rules and regulations, act abusively or endanger the networks, systems or documents, gain access without authorization, manipulate, distribute or modify.

The Staff is authorized to give instructions to the users.

There is no legal claim to membership.

We reserve the right to contact users regarding their membership at any time.

By registering you agree to receive our newsletter, information from and about euroSKIES. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter, please contact or unsubscribe.

3.2 Account

A one-time registration with euroSKIES with a full and real name entitles the user to use euroSKIES, provided that the user is at least 16 years old at the time of registration.

Users between 14 and 16 years of age may register an account provided that their legal representatives give consent for such registration. During the registration process, appropriate proof may be requested by euroSKIES.

Upon registration, the provision of a valid email address and confirmation of the legal representatives' consent (if required) is considered sufficient to allow the use of euroSKIES.

euroSKIES reserves the right to verify accounts at any time if there are doubts about the use or identity of the user.

Users are required to keep their user account current.

Registration of multiple accounts is prohibited.

3.3 Activity

Active users can be inactivated, blocked or removed.
An active user is anyone who has made at least one flight from our flight plan or tour and event system within 30 days.
Locked user accounts will be removed 3 months after inactivity.
After initial registration, the account will be removed after 3 months if no activity is recorded.
It is possible to perform flights independent of the flight plan or tour/event module. However, these will not be recognized for maintaining account activity.
Reactivation or extension of the removal period can be requested at any time via

4. rules

4.1 Definitions

A group on the Staff responsible for a specific task.

The status in the Staff with partial or full control over the server and system and related functions.

Admin comment
An entry in the user account that is only visible to the administrator and responsible staff.

A badge awarded by flight operations or management for special achievements. These can be, for example, the completion of a tour or a rating.

A handover of the most important content and information about a flight project or a task (e.g. when acquiring a rating) provided by Flight Operations. This can be created automatically or manually.

A senior role on staff for a defined task area with responsibility over the subject area and department.

A responsible person on the staff who coordinates, manages and takes responsibility for defined processes and tasks.

The highest level in the Staff, which is responsible for the complete administration and management of euroSKIES.

User, other than Staff.

Natural or legal person registered with euroSKIES.

User account
Every user has access to euroSKIES via his user account. Via the user account he can make all settings for the use of euroSKIES. Certain data is made visible to others.

A level reached as a member, which is defined by various factors and tasks to be fulfilled and which brings with it responsibilities and competencies

A qualification that must be acquired and confirms specific competencies according to euroSKIES guidelines. This can be a prerequisite for further ratings or rankings or for the execution of special flights.

Voluntary submission of full name, email address, date of birth and IP. Further voluntary information can also be provided.

A group of users with voluntary tasks concerning the organization and coordination of euroSKIES.

A temporary or permanent exclusion of a user.

4.2 General rules

The permitted languages for membership and virtual flight operations are German and English.

All users must behave according to the rules and regulations.

It is not allowed to share music, movies, pictures or pornographic, racist, political or illegal content, sexual suggestions, behavior and insinuations. Violators will be subject to sanctions, including referral for criminal prosecution. In the case of minor victims and suspects, legal representatives will be contacted first.

Friendly and cooperative behavior is expected. euroSKIES does not tolerate insults or bullying. Such behavior will be punished (by civil law).

With a higher rank the user increasingly becomes a contact person for another member. A helpful support of the members of euroSKIES is assumed.

New users, users who want to acquire a new rating or ranking or users who need help with the implementation and interpretation of the virtual Operations Manual System can get support from other users or the Staff. Coordination can be done by request via email or on the official euroSKIES Discord server.

Users may be members of other virtual airlines, but simultaneous recording of flights is prohibited.

Users are only allowed to use approved software.

4.3 Flight simulation rules

All flights must be performed in real-time simulation mode (1x simulation rate). Pause mode of the simulator is not allowed during online flying.

Users should demonstrate basic knowledge of virtual aviation and the patterns flown, as well as their procedures, which are necessary for the proposed flight.

Simulation of emergency procedures (Squawk 7700) and "Comm-Loss" (Squawk 7600) are allowed, but euroSKIES does not provide documentation on actions to be taken in case of emergencies. Corresponding procedures must be implemented by the user on his own responsibility.

Simulations of "unlawful interference" (hijack, Squawk 7500) are not allowed and will be sanctioned.

Pilot reports must be sent within 24 hours of the completion of the flight. Validation may take up to 7 days. Pilot reports not submitted in a timely manner may be disqualified from scoring and deleted.

Pilot reports may require further documentation. This is defined accordingly in the virtual Operations Manual system. These additional reports are to be considered as suggestions only and are voluntary. Examples are for example reports in case of a "Resolution Advisory" to flight operations or the documentation of the performed de-icing.

The virtual Operations Manual System provided by euroSKIES is exclusively intended for use in flight simulation. For real aviation use only the documents and manuals provided by your ATO, company and AIP and the aircraft.

Flights may only be performed as euroSKIES flights and with the appropriate flight number system.

An award, ranking or rating may be granted or withdrawn.

Ratings and rankings may be required for individual operational areas, such as long-haul and airport qualification (e.g. CAT C airports). A complete list, including description of acquisition, is published in the virtual Operations Manual System.

If required rankings or ratings have not been acquired, flights may be cancelled (even retroactively).

The requirement of certain ranking and rating does not apply to free flights, which are independent of our flight plan, tour or event system. Flights from our flight plan should be performed as far as possible according to the briefing. The times are only to be considered as a suggestion, the flight can be performed at any time.

Flights can also be operated by other aircraft of the euroSKIES fleet, unless the tour or event rules or the virtual Operations Manual prohibits this accordingly.

Flights with aircraft that do not belong to the euroSKIES fleet are not allowed.

If a corresponding euroSKIES livery is available, it is mandatory to use it.

Moving the aircraft after the engines have been started is not permitted.

It is not permitted to pass on internal information to third parties without written permission from the management.

Exceptions may be obtained at any time on a one-time or temporary basis at

Non-compliance with our simulation rules may lead to deletion of flights and in individual cases to exclusion from euroSKIES.

4.4 Rules for Staff and Management

For users who are active in Staff or Management, the "Rules and Regulations for Staff and Management" published in the virtual Operations Manual Part Staff also apply.

Users who want to be involved in Staff must have completed their 18th year of life.

Users who want to be involved in management must have completed their 21st year of life.

5. suspension and sanction


The Human Resources Manager decides on suspensions and sanctions.

In case of repeated violations, higher suspensions and sanctions may be decided individually.


Non-compliance with the rules and regulations 30 days
Aggressive or abusive behavior 30 days
criminal acts life & criminal charges
sexual harassment 1 year & account reset *
Unauthorized disclosure of documentation and content to third parties 1 year & account reset *

* Depending on the severity, the staff decides on criminal charges

6. miscellaneous

6.1 Changes

All changes must be announced immediately.

The user's right or existing rules and regulations will not be restricted without good reasons

6.2 Errors

We are a non-profit organization and are always working to improve the user experience. However, if you notice any errors, please let us know directly. By working closely together, we can ensure that everything is running smoothly. We would also like to ask you to avoid an expensive legal process and instead contact us directly to find a quick and effective solution.


We are a virtual airline for flight simulation. It is not possible to buy airline tickets from us and we have no connections or relationships with real airlines. Any similarities with existing airlines are purely coincidental and unintentional.