Meet the team

Welcome to our Staffboard. Our staff helps us to keep euroSKIES running, maintaining the euroSKIES Spirit and monitors the quality of our virtual airline. Most of our Staff Members are real aviators like Pilots, ATC and ground operation officers.

Oliver Matthis

General Manager

How to bring a virtual airline forward? How to coordinate the staff? It is my task to manage euroSKIES, our systems, and the staff in front- and back-end to create an unique virtual airline.

Felix Richter

Operations Manager

Flying from A to B is not only flying from A to B. A lot of processes and workflows must be created, and different things must be coordinated to get the standard, we are known for.

Alex Stinson

Human Resources Manager

As Human Resources Manager I manage the member and support them. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Rico Michel

Technical Manager

As Technical Manager I am responsible for the information technology to develop and maintain the infrastructure of euroSKIES.

Oliver Matthis

Deputy Flight Operation

As Deputy Flight Operation, I coordinate everything related to our flights, fleet and procedures.

Vincent Döhnert

Operations Coordinator

As an Operations Coordinator, I connect the operations management and assistants to ensure a seamless workflow. I manage procedures, optimize the fleet and ensure smooth operations.

Gustav Franzke

Operations Assistant

As tour coordinator I manage all tours and be responsible raising the qualification tours according to operational requirements.

Erik Baumgärtel

Operations Assistant

As Operations Assistant, I prepare the airport specific operations and coordinate it with the flight operations department.