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Realistic flight operation

Our flight operations are oriented by real world flight operation andd aviation rules and are frequently checked by any changes of these.

Large community

The community consists of real pilots, air traffic controllers, flight operations officers, aviation enthusiasts and flight simulation fans.

Aviation background documentation

Aviation knowledge is shared by real aviators so that our pilots get to know the background information required for a perfect flight simulation experience.


ZIBO 737-700 & 800 beta released
posted by Oliver Matthis on 2022-12-04

[Important Note] Simulator Support Ended
posted by Oliver Matthis on 2022-10-21

[Important Note] New Flight Number regulation from today
posted by Oliver Matthis on 2022-09-17

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Top 5 greased landings this week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Tino Preikschat ESK111 DTTA 2023-03-22 -86.00fpm 100%
  Tino Preikschat ESK111 GMMN 2023-03-19 -89.00fpm 100%
  Felix Richter ES9456 LKPR 2023-03-17 -112.00fpm 98%
  Dode Perdigao ES5544 EDDM 2023-03-22 -118.00fpm 100%
  Alex Stinson ES9457 LEPA 2023-03-17 -121.00fpm 95%

Latest 10 flight reports

Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO Pilot Aircraft ACARS Landing Rate
ES8797 KEWR CYYZ   ESK106 PMDG 737-700 euroSKIES (D... -123fpm
ES5544 LHPA EDDM   ESK168 ToLissA319_V1p8p1 [CFM] A... -118fpm
ESK111 GMMN DTTA   ESK111 A350 Home -86fpm
ES8797 KADS KEWR   ESK106 PMDG 737-700 euroSKIES (D... -129fpm
ES8797 KLAX KADS   ESK106 PMDG 737-700 euroSKIES (D... -329fpm
ES2010 EDDB LEIB   ESK276 FenixA320_ESKDAESG -230fpm
ESK111 FKYS GMMN   ESK111 A350 Home -89fpm
ES9458 LEPA EDDC   ESK103 FSLabs A320-214 - ESK (D-... -142fpm
ES9458 LEPA EDDB   ESK276 FenixA320_ESKDAESG -414fpm
ES8797 LEPA EDDC   ESK106 PMDG 737-700 euroSKIES (D... -153fpm